Friday, April 6, 2012

Skin & Steel April 22nd

Fuck now i have a deadline to get the creep machine back together!
bringing motorcycles and tattoos together for years, its now being held at the main street armory, usually a wierd mix of tattoo collectors, punk kids, and hot girls that get creeped out by all the old dirty bikers lookin em up and down and than you got all the bikers that care more about the bikes and beer than the tattoos but whatever its a good time!

and apparently these guys will be there! so if nothing else come to look at all the awesome flowjet/cnc/machined chrome doodads they have to offer

all jokes aside fuck it! its a Sunday and a good excuse to come out and be around some like minded people
we will be sure to capture some of the best and worst the show has to offer
see ya there!

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