Saturday, April 7, 2012

HARLEY SOFTAIL® SLIM™- In person review (non test ride)

so i forgot when i was there checking out the Sportster 72 i also eye fucked the Softail Slim in every nook and cranny, maybe the fact that i did forget i took these pictures and intended to do this eludes to my over all opinion of the bike........... forgettable
over all its okay, hell its good even! not special, not a hey look at me i'm special kinda bike just a good simple machine, of course there are things I would change, but that goes for ALL bikes

the good! the front end nacelle and bars look right at home on it, of course i envision them shrunk down over all (*making it slim) or switching them out for just about any of the Biltwell clamp on bars would look really good on this bike,  the seat and the dash are really clean and classy too ( i still wonder if they throw in a 2 up pad for free or if it'll cost ya another $500+ to be able to get a chick to wrap her arms around ya)

the bad!! this fucking side mount plate is such an eye sore i get it it cleans up the back fender but this thing hangs way out there, easily being the widest part of the bike (except the bars) the front fender looks like something i pulled off my boat trailer and hacked at with a grinder, I'm sorry but guys that use trailer fenders do it cause they are cheap not cause they look good and with this price tag on a new bike a little styling and design could have been spent on the front fender, the floor boards! the board itself i like, the mount and the fact that it doesn't flow or look like part of the bike but more so like an after thought of oh that's right we need some where to put their feet. And last but not least the paint! I'm not sure if it comes in other colors but who the fuck buys a brand new, cost more than my bikes/car/quad put together bike in flat fucking black!! (and yes its flat black Harley can put what ever "hip" word they want to it but you know and i know its flat black) once again don't try and copy what garage builders do to keep shit cheap and in budget on a bike build to a bike that someone needs to figure out if they can fit into their budget cause the payment as much as my mortgage


Teddy3inDC said...

This is an old guys rant about a style of bike that both the older generation and new generations like. The black is a call to the new and the old love the fender.

I agree about the foot board

Ken Peters said...

I Love everything about this bike. I bought the red one. Very Nice Bike.