Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Makin custom bars!!!

picked up 12ft of 1" 1/8" wall tubing the other day to make up some new bars for my creep machine, also scored this handy little chop saw from tractor supply, its a little small for exhaust work but ideal for handlebar making plus i had 25 bucks worth of sand to return and what just happened to be marked down in front of the counter....... sweet even swap! hell the money was already spent anyways

 came up with this idea to keep the bottom bar level when i do my angle cuts on each end
haven't quite figured out how i'm going to do the cuts yet everything i have maxs out at 45 degrees, im thinking 50-55 is more what i need
in the name of all things skinny the bottom will be as wide as the top clamp tapered to the width of the risers........... thinking a little down and back to the top bar....... progress pics to follow


special'79 said...

Nice, your bike is going to be all shiny and new for this season. How tall are you thinking?

King Creep said...

eh 12-14" tall enough that i'm straight arming it, gonna try to put a little pullback in em this time for my wrist like you were saying