Wednesday, December 28, 2011

bike pieces and parts

so even though its broke and i should be focusing on getting the parts in order to fix the clutch (hopefully) i found a couple gems on chopcults classifieds and snagged em.

a set of roland sands foot pegs to go in the back for the passenger, extremely light weight, cool design and black to be inconspicous

and a couple benchmark breather bolts

i was determined to make a set now that my buddy picked up a lathe, hell i even bought a few stainless 1/2 bolts, had the technical drawing and material list figured........fuck it i still might make a set!......someday

probably wont be digging into the clutch tonight either, gotta install a stereo/speakers in my kid brothers car and put a tailgate on the truck......... well see how it plays out.

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