Friday, December 30, 2011

Been a BIG year!!

im a magazine junky and well here it is Dec. 30th the years over so i figured id do a little year in review and the total # is..........5! either my bike or myself (no matter how small) are in the following magazines:

Street Chopper- EDR

now its a lot shot but theres no question that black and green tank is my bike

Easy Rider-EDR

maybe not the focus of the pic but hey thats my head and arm in the air trying to catch the race on my camera

Hot Bike-EDR

this is a little more straight forward hahaaha, this pic has surfaced in more than one place

Street Chopper- Brooklyn Invitational

another street shot, getting there early to help set up the kickstart cycle table and scoring a primo spot directly in front of the front door has its perks i suppose

Roller (japanese)- Brooklyn Invitational

this is a japanese magazine that i honestly didnt think id ever see, but damn there i am! me, my bike and my info!

and one MOVIE!
EDR: a mexican motorcycle adventure

i was shocked (hahaaha) to see the same pic Bill Bryant had put in his editorial for hotbike on the back of the dvd and than even more thankful when i saw it blown up big in the 24pg picture book, also now that ive watched the dvd half a dozen times theres a couple nice close ups of my bike at the pre-party, and i show up in the background of a couple scenes, including a group ride by which is cool!

So whatever call me lame for getting geeked out about seeing myself (even just in the background) of a magazine but if your so jaded or hip to not get psyched about it than fuck off! this has been one hell of a year for me! farewell 2011.........

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