Monday, January 2, 2012

Product review: Rothco 3098 Gerber Suspension multi-tool

scored this little survival tool from the folks and after using it a week figured id sing its praises.

the good:
the blades are kick ass!
the tool has a lock on each both sides of each plier handle that locks all the mini tools

nasty little saw blade

expertly designed to be flate little scissors they may not cut through a penny but theyll get the job done in most cases.

the bad:

the philips screw driver is useless! i know why they made it this way- to be flate but it dont work

its kinda heavy and bulky but i suppose that may have something to do with not being use to having something on my hip.

all in all i give it a 9! -1 point for the philips head, i mean now i gotta carry this and a screw driver in order to survive the wild!

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