Tuesday, December 27, 2011

The weird week

the week between christmas and new years is always a total bust for my job, spent yesterday holding up the counter and imagine the next few days will probably be alot of the same.

on to more CHOPPER CREEP related news! my girl has secured the domain name choppercreeps.com for me, made up some blog business cards, and protyped and set me up with a t-shirt company down her way AND got me a a handy dandy tablet to make all my blogging (and other computer related tasks) all that much easier- thanks babe!

im on the hunt for a new helmet, i have a losermachine knucklehead and love it and wouldn't mind getting another one of those even- so if you got something in a size medium-small and wanna sell it get ahold of me!

hope everyones christmas was as stellar as mine! hopefully Tim will be back soon with some pics from his Vegas vacation

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