Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Iron & Air Magazine

"The revival of old motorcycles is here and we’re telling the story. Talent all over the world inspires each of us daily as machines are revived and rolled out to a new life. Iron & Air pursues a lifestyle and aesthetic we want to be around in our own lives. Beyond pretty bikes on white, Iron & Air marries design with storytelling each month to deliver an inspiring dose of what it’s really like to wrench and create with two wheels each day."
A few months back, I stumbled upon Iron & Air Magazine.  Iron & Air ( is a bi-monthly independent magazine for lovers of vintage custom garage-built motorcycles - inspiring daily through design, engineering, culture & the open road.  It started as an on-line magazine distibuted in a digital format, but as demands for a print edition rose, they abliged.  In 2013 they will be issuing 6 issues both available in print and digital formats.
I for one am not much for reading magazines on a computer screen, so I decided to order one of the limited edition print copies.  Nothing like having paper in hand, plus when you're through with it, it makes a nice coffee table conversation piece.  Physically speaking, its more of a paperback book than magazine, so its sure to be there a while.
I was blown away by the painstaking graphic composition seen on every single page.  Nothing was arbitrary, everything was in it's place and complemented the images and dialogue next to it.  The photography is stellar.  Each image utilizes some photography skills of which only masters of their craft are capable of producing.  Might sound dumb, but it almost has an Abercrombie Outfitters vibe (in a good way), only a lot less shirtless dudes and a lot more motorcycle porn.  I cannot come up with words to properly describe this magazine's quality, here is a link to a free sample of what Iron & Air is all about:

Be sure to check them out on Facebook.  In this world where our newsfeeds are full of so much hate and BS, its nice to get something different.  They update their page with photos and stories, short blurbs about what they've been up to. 

“The reader has easy access to a world of romance and adventure, all linked to machines. It’s all very, very good. All the artwork is beautifully chosen and content inspirational!”
Walt, Walt Siegl Motorcycles

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