Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Creep Machine tear down

this wasn't my first time stripping my baby down so i figured id attempt to document and time myself. i started the clock at 5:00, the plan was to take pictures every 15 minutes (which turned into every 30- shitty), figured it be the next best thing to a video camera set up.

backing up a little here's how she sat after this seasons adventures, damn if this bike isnt fun! in fact riding it down to the shop i almost turned around thinking why bother this bikes cool enough, but hell you gotta dress it different every year- besides what am i gonna do all winter?? and in the end this bike deserves a better level of "finished" so here goes!


okay so here we go 5:00





 so maybe not the most comprehensive tear down photos, ill try my best to give it a better shot on the rebuild, the plan is a few custom fabbed pieces, paint, and a higher level of finish work......

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