Saturday, April 28, 2012

New seat- Biltwell Banana

ordered up the ribbed version for my pleasure (as its a solo seat) slid her in on the front tab marked the center of the hole with a sharpie, quick smack with a pin punch, followed by a 1/8" drill bit (word of wise jack up the bike and drop the swing arm- for one your gonna have to anyways to get your hand up there to hold the bolt, and B) you wont have to worry about ramming that drill bit into the top of the tire) back to the task at hand grabbed the uni-bit and reemed her out, bolt/washer/nut, bolt up the shocks and in a half hour you got this!! havent been able to put any real mile son it full review coming soon........

got a little bit of paint to scribble on the sides and a new top secret tank im working on, the handlebars should be done in the next few days! would still love to make up that exhaust i want, but riding season is just about here so it may be put on the back burner

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