Saturday, October 15, 2011

step by step SATURDAY

Lets start this off by saying im no pro, and thats pretty obvious by the fact i left the cam position sensor and middle cam in while i did this, oh well! my mistakes so hopefully you wont have em- dont be afraid to remove the sensor its really quite easy to re-position it

i started at the bottom one honeycomb up from the final line so i could work down to it, using a small 1/8" bit i made my way around the circumfrence of the gasket surface, the more holes you can fit inside a square the easier your cut will be to stay on track

i then used a small cut off wheel to follow my serration, i didnt dig deep trying to cut through on my first pass rather making a valley to follow back over another time

this leaves you with this! looks like a hell of a mess right? get yourself some rolloc discs or sometimes called cookies, if you dont want to invest in the little holder for these (which you should consider- an awesome little tool for metal working) id use a flap disc on an angle grinder instead of an actual grinding wheel

apparently here is were i failed to take pics, im a huge fan of hand working down aluminum with files, sand paper and scotch brites, here it is near completetion

dont forget to plug the hole on the bottom of the cover (i used a small metric bolt that cut its own threads in as i drove it in) and than re-attach the 90 hose elbow on the side

if you've wanted to do this and were to afraid of screwing something up dont be its really a straight forward easy process

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