Friday, October 14, 2011

Product Feature FRIDAY

so i think i have a pretty good idea for a consistent daily "thing" amongst the random shit i feel like sharing, so lets start it off with product feature friday!!!

Biltwell "Sandersons"

i was lucky enough to recieve a set of these from Bill ( and Walter ( although i had a set of bmx pedals i had made work and was pretty proud of on the ol girl, these polished, investmentcast stainless beauties were just to sweet to not use! super simple swap- 15mins and i was back on the road

so yeah they have throw back looks, quality heavy duty cast stainless and feature a trick set to any angle universal mount........ but the real thing that surprised me was how much they actually changed the ride, maybe its due to the fact i had pedals before but i love what they did to the feel and i was standing on and bracing myself all over NYC the weekend of the brooklyn invitational without a sign of loosening up or worry, only problem is now i just gotta get a set for the back!

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