Monday, October 24, 2011

Project Bolt On Part 2

For our next installment we added some fender struts and 12" Rear shock that were taken off a friends bike that he hard tailed.  We added top shock covers to give it an older look than it actually is.  Next was one of the few new parts that we used.  This is a replica early Superglide fender that does not have the cut out for the stock tail light.  We did not want to fab a patch or weld on this as this is supposed to be a bolt on bike.

We acquired an complete early Wide Glide front end from a local 1%er.  This thing was complete with the handle bars, risers, trees, legs and drum brake set up.  We bolted it up with new bearings and it is rusty and dirty on the outside.  Just what I was after.

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