Friday, October 21, 2011

product review- motorcycle backpack

picked this up spur of the moment at the end of the riding season this year, only got 1 good long trip and a couple short rides in with it. really wish i would have had it sooner as this bag is awesome

- nice little reflective strips here and there
- built in sissybar shaped attachment straps under a pad
- barrel shaped perfect for sleeping bag/helmet
- plenty of quick clips/loops to hold things down
- cinch straps on the sides to compress it
- center cross-over strap so the shoulder straps dont slide off
- convient side and top pouches

i hauled ass down to the brooklyn invitational with a weekends worth of clothes and a 3/4 helmet in the bag, added 10 magazines and 4 t-shirts, and a hat to it for the ride home. for 29.99 worth every penny!

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