Tuesday, July 9, 2013

The Best Damn Sunglasses I've Ever Owned.

Earlier this summer, Zack Smith from Optic Pulse, stopped by to drop off one of the newest releases from Spy Optics; we stood in my garage and shared stories, and shot the shit about projects we had going as well as discussed our anticipation of the upcoming riding season. 
When considering the upcoming riding season, one of the most indispensable and perhaps most overlooked pieces of gear I have, has got to be my glasses.  So needless to say I jumped at the opportunity to get my hands on the Spy Rivet sunglasses.  These glasses feature quality Grilamid frames and interchangeable 8 base ARC (Accurate Radius Curvature) lenses.

So soon after I got these glasses I did what anybody would do, I geared up and headed out to some miles on with the Rivet breaking the way.  As I said before, riding is where I spend much of my time in the warm months.  Whether it’s on my sport bike or my cruiser, I always wear my full face helmet and sunglasses.


Since most of the summer here in New York is pretty hot, I typically ride with the visor open which causes visibility issues.  For my particular philosophy of use, I need glasses to not only keep wind and debris out of my eyes, but I need them to be able to slip into the space between my head and the padding in my helmet.

With the Rivet’s sleek ergonomics and highly flexible frames, they slipped perfectly into my helmet and rested comfortably on my face – not too high as many glasses I have worn in the past will.  Once the glasses are pushed back to your face they become nearly invisible; the lenses are frameless at the bottom so there are no bulky obstructions at any angle.  Thanks to a thin, lightweight frame, you'll barely feel these sunglasses on your face.  With the Spy Hytrel rubber temple and bridge tips, these glasses stay put, even under the most aggressive and stressful uses.

If you go over to Zack’s website you’ll notice in the description it says ‘these sunglasses can withstand any beating you give them’ – I can attest to this.  One afternoon while out for a ride, I took the glasses out of my helmet and accidently dropped them on the pavement while travelling about 60 MPH.  My first thought was F@#&, I finally find a nice pair of riding glasses and now they’re toast.  I turned around and slowly headed back to pick up the mangled mess of plastic that was once the Spy Rivet.  Much to my surprise, there they lay along the shoulder of the road, almost completely unscathed – just some minor scratching on the frame, I definitely got lucky.

One of the major benefits to the Spy Rivet is, no matter how bad the lenses get scratched, as long as the frames are intact you can order any one of a wide variety of replacement lenses.  Anything from Red Spectra mirror tinted, to Grey Polarized - and at a price much less than replacing the whole pair.

The bottom line is, these glasses have become my new go-to glasses for any daytime activity.  I have found these glasses to be one of the best out for the price.  Never have I had a pair that fits so streamlined, been so lightweight and durable.  I wear these glasses every day; on the golf course, while riding, driving, and even at work.  Don't believe me?  Head over to Optic Pulse and check 'em out for yourself.

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