Sunday, December 23, 2012

making a block off plate for the ironhead

in my continuation of removing the starter i needed to make a block off plate for the giant hole left in the side of the motor, i remembered having a nice big scrap of aluminum laying around so i took the old gasket and traced it out, after looking for a number of different ways to cut it out i found some jigsaw blades and put my little black & decker to work!

if i can get my buddy to clean up the edges on a mill that'll be tits but worse case scenario i'll run it against the grinding wheel and work the ol file on it, couple holes and clean up the face and it'll be a damn fine block off plate...............FUCK i forgot i was gonna put a tab on the top to mount a toggle switch!! Shit, damn, fuck, shit! ( i literally didn't remember till i looked up and saw this last picture- Shit)

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Anonymous said...

hey man who makes that gasket you used?