Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Off with its Heads!!

so with a little shame i admit this Ironhead literally got shoved in the corner mid-work when the creep machine came into my life, so much so that not only did i leave the exhaust off but spark plugs out too, although kept in the steel shed the whole time i feared that the 2 years (give or take a month) in upstate NY in a town that mines salt, may have got into the cylinders and surface rusted up or pitted the bore, so as the title says off with the heads!

rocker boxes besides alot of silicone, there was some fresh oil up here

 the bore looks EXCELLENT! smooth even looks like there might be some cross hatching still there, probably just clean up the carbon on the head and fresh gasket.

the only real negative to report was i only got this far, because the previous rebuilder must have epoxied or jb welded the fuckin bolts in! 2 ft pipe on the ratchet managed to get one side off gonna need a friend to hold the motor or build some sort of motor stand/craddle to hold it for the other head- id leave it assuming that the front probably looks like the rear but seeing everything else I've run into im not taking any chances.

suppose its time i crack open this S&S seeing as its off, been sitting and I've never been inside one..........

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