Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Going full retard

fuck it i know they say not to but im gonna be the cool guy, ya know that guy that your all waiting for while he sweats his ass off and hyper extends his knee while your sitting there idling waiting to go, i'm taking the electric starter OFF! not because i'm afraid of the wiring and making it work or look good but fuck me the thing is huge! it sticks way out if i'm gonna cut the cam and sprocket cover up (and even after all the struggles i'm still determined to) then there's no way i can leave this thing hanging way out there. shit changes and for all i know ill put it back on well before the bikes even done but for now i'm taking it off and making block off plates


this ain't my daily rider, hell i've heard ironheads are a love hate relationship, seeing as i don't love her all that much to begin with it may not take much for me to hate it if shit goes wrong to many times in the coming year, but for now its an exercise in chopping and making it look and function, the way i see it is i own it and i own it for more than its worth- what would be the point in selling it and losing money?? as long as i don't go dumping a bunch more in it, if i can get some pleasure out of this mechanical deathtrap maybe it'll make me forget the $$ spent

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