Friday, November 9, 2012


I'm finding all sorts of cut corners and boogered up things on this ironhead im tearing down hell 40yrs and who knows whos hands in it i suppose its to be expected

got the primary off and heres my newest discovery:

an angled or bent tensioner

which I'm assuming led to the front of the chain slapping up and doing this

here are the locations of the damage the worst being in the middle, obviously theres not gonna be oil sitting or leaking from the top so im hoping my #1 concern would be if the chunk of metal on the bottom of the middle broken hole falls it would obvioulsy jam up and fuck things inside there, with all the feed back im getting from the forums my plans to tear out the clutch and tranny (which i was gonna do anyways) clean it all up with soap/water, carb cleaner and find someone thats local and confident enough to weld it back up, than ill re-tap the holes.......... wish me luck!

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