Friday, October 26, 2012

Youd think we werent doing anything!

its that strange time of year where the weather is either complete shit or gorgeous, you dont put the bike up or tear it down in the off chance mother nature throws a nice day at you on one of your days off, so far all ive managed to do is clear out some space in the steel shed i plan to build in this winter, started to firm up some ideas, plans and parts- probably the most significance change being im going back to the swingarm!
just gotta get the red/black bike on the left out move the 93 to the front and i should have a decent amount of space to work around it

Spent the other night hanging out at Tim's going over ideas and plans for his ironhead winter project too and it looks like it will be a lot of fun.
you would be a AMAZED what throwing on a Biltwell seat on this thing did for it

pictures of everything soon to follow once the actual breaking down, sparks start flying and knuckles start getting busted- until then ill share the pics ive scowered the internet for of my #1 inspiration for this build

a shovel built by Hidemoto, yeah i know mines not a shovel, and things arent gonna work or look quite the same (for a # of reasons) but hey i said inspiration not that im making an exact copy

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