Friday, October 12, 2012

Time for the IRON

well its been back burnered for damn near 3 years now, but its time to shine has finally come, this winter im going through the 1975 ironhead ive had tucked in the corner for to long, big plans, big ideas, nothings new or groundbreaking but things ive been dreaming about and wanting to do since day 1. im going all in taking the plunge and gonna try it all

 here's how it looked the day i brought it home

after hooking up a fresh battery and cranking it only to see oil spewing out of the the crank vent, i was beyond lost- young, dumb and full of piss and vinegar i said fuck it figured it needed a total rebuild and shortly there after it looked like this

why stop there, Hammer in Hand bolt on hardtail

 this is essentially how its sat the past few years, lowered front end, half made pipes, custom one off handlebars

the list of ideas are as follows:
- lower the front end even more
- split the heads
- cut the cam cover
- pull the transmission and put the longer shift shaft in to make it shit on the right
- make the mount for dual piston nissan calipers in the back
- tank mounts
- new pipes
- gonna try and modify or make from scratch a horseshoe tank that doesn't look to far forward/to far back
- fender
- seat
- wiring
- lights
- paint

yeah atleast ill have something to do all winter!!! did i mention the only place i have to work on this is in a little steel shed! awesome

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