Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Gypsy Run wrap up

its over! beyond tired and sore i limped into the house sunday night, after washing off the past 4 days of road grime, oil and camping dirt i promptly passed out. just now getting around to uploading pics and taking stock of all the adventures and memories made again this year.

had perfect weather and little to no troubles on our way into jersey this year, a few asshole cagers but we survived, after dumping off our gear at the hotel and some grub at hooters with some good friends we made our way over to kickstart before heading into NYC
some of the crowd at the hotel

Kickstart Cycle Supply

Fuck i love blasting around the city, weaving in and out of cars and blasting through intersections, we ended up at Indian Larrys shop just in time to take the prime relestate in front of the overhead doors

after making our way back to the hotel to crash for the night, i awoke to a little run around before getting to Cool Beans for the take off

First night Camp

day 2 riding was not ideal weather but all in all not bad, a few little sprinkles and lots of clouds- hey atleast we didnt get sun burned!!

night 2nd camp i never got any pictures shortly after arriving the skies opened up and dumped down hard! we were already there and set up, and the site had a giant pavillion to hang out and catch up with friends out of the weather. after the rain stopped what better way to spend the night than kayake bike drags!!

sleeping in a wet tent ontop of a wet sleeping bag sucked! left all that shit behind and my pack was considerably lighter for the long ride home. a quick roadside repair at a mcdonalds was the only issue we ran into and we parted ways with our riding buddies from Ohio as they headed West and we cruised North towards home

Thanks to anyone and everyone who worked so hard to organize this, my dear friends i only see a couple times a year for making it the highlight of my riding season, and my riding partners Tim, Kyle and Desiree for making what is usually the unfun part of the trip more fun!

i have a couple riding videos i shot and some close ups of a few of the bikes on the run to feature in the next few days

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