Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Brooklyn Invitational- 2012

Man o man what a time! was lucky enough to stay with a friend that lived right down the street, got into the city late Friday, familirailzed myself with the area and headed over to the Dice party at The Gutter. after lots of bro hugs and laughs i rode back the few blocks to the apt to sleep for the night

Saturday morning we were up and out early, bombed around Brooklyn and checked out immediate area a little deeper, before going  over the bridge to Manhattan to check out times square- MADHOUSE! but it was awesome, shot some video on the Flip that im working on editing to post up here probably next week. rode back went to Bobby's place for the block party and than headed to the Invitational............. here we go!

close ups of bikes from the street and the show to follow!

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