Thursday, May 17, 2012

Syndicate Choppers- and my new handlebars

Well it was a grey rainy day when i decided id try and finish the handlebars i had been dreaming up for the latest version of the creep machine- 45mins later i had managed to misalign and fuck up just about every angle possible on the top tubes........... FUCK!

after i got done throwing a fit i remembered seeing an ad for handlebars made to order specs on the chop cult classifieds that looked just like what i had in mind! quick email later and a phone # exchange i was texting back and forth with Carmine going over every little detail, in the days to follow i recieved updates and pics through my phone at each step insuring i liked what i was seeing, and in a few days i had my new bars in hand

some of the pics i got along the way

and some pics first mounted up

risers aren't working with em.....more on that later

moral of the story if you need something made up to your specs with quality and craftsmanship in mind i wouldnt hesitate to give Syndicate Choppers a call (in fact we may be doing up some pipes in the future for the creep machine) his contact/blog is

heres some close up of his welds

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