Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Shovelhead Project Bolt on Part 9

The progress is down to the smaller details now so it does not look like much is getting done but it all needs to be there in order to go down the road.

Hooked up the linkage for the shifter to the ratchet top.  You know the drill nothing fits and you have to rework most of the parts to get them to work correctly.

Running hard lines for the rear juice brake.  I will fab a bracket to retain the hose and the hard line and use the rear peg mounts to bolt it on.

Cut and Flared the hard brake line for the junction at the front of the motor with the pressure switch to activete the stop lights.

 We will be using a Stock Harley CV on the Shovel.  We made up an adapter bracket to mount this to the standard 2 bolt Rubberband intake manifold.

A little dress up to get rid of the plastic CV top.  We installed a Biltwell Stainless Ripple CV Top.


special'79 said...

So does the pipe fit?

gigastatt said...

Yes, but don't spoil the suprise yet. I am saving that for later!

special'79 said...

I'm no spoiler.

labboyd said...

what jet did you use when you changed out to CV carb?