Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Shovelhead Project Bolt On Part 8

We have not posted on this project in awhile.  However we have been busy collecting parts and building the motor.  What we started out with is a pile of random Shovelhead part that I have been collecting for a few years waiting for the rest of the bike to come together.

Many hours in the shop welding and machining bad breather holes, stripped bolt holes and rebuilding the heads and crank. Finally we have this lump of 1976 74" Shovelhead Ready to install.

Keep in mind the original intent of this project was to use all the used parts with their original paint or polish to keep it looking old even though everything under the skin is fresh and new.  I have had comments from friends that this is the most beat up looking fresh motor that they have ever seen.

We dropped The motor into the waiting roller to see what we have. Bang!  We are getting there! I can see the end in sight.  I am getting excited now to wrap this thing up and get my knees in the breeze!

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