Monday, March 26, 2012

Shovelhead Project Bolt on Part 10

We are coming near the end of this build and will be firing it soon.  One of the defining items of any bike is the exhaust system.  I always run 2 into 1 pipes on all of my bikes.  However, it is hard to make them look tidy and not like huge Superbike Cans hanging off the side of the bike.  I enlisted my buddy Jay Roche from Special 79 Fabrication again for the fabrication of this part that I had in my head. I wanted to chop up an Evolution Thunderheader to make it work on a Shovelhead.  At first he did not like the idea and to be honest I did not like the first round mock up either.  After much discussion working together we came up with what you see here.  I am totally stoked with this thing.  I cant wait to hear what the shovel will sound like through it. Thanks again Jay!


Anonymous said...

Who's bike is this?

gigastatt said...

This is my bike why do you ask?