Friday, March 2, 2012

My own creep machine

i did a build thread on chopcult and rather than spend an hour or so re-posting it here ill just add a link, HOWEVER i will be documenting all the new changes i have in my head as they come to life right here at chopper creeps!

here's how she sits as of this morning, hoping to get the Energy 1 clutch set installed tonight

The big plans are to rip it all apart and paint the frame/tins, and possibly change out the rear fender for something different, swap out the oil bag, finish the headlight nacelle and make fork covers and than weld it all up as one unit, change out the passenger pegs for some RSD moto pegs and a set of benchmark breathers, new pipes similiar to the crazy orange ones i had posted in the past out of some stockers i scored cheap, clean up the wiring in the back, move/change the front turn signals, gotta craft up some sort of sissybar that doesnt look terrible with the swing arm......... yeah im sure theres more but FUCK i should probably just get to work on it, summers comin!

scored these a few weeks back at super swap

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