Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Project Bolt On Part 7

One of my good friends in Mass. is Jay Roche of Special 79 Fabrication he built this one off Frisco Sporty tank for me. I know this is technically not a bolt on part however it is a bolt on to me. This thank was built from raw tank parts that were never assembled. The best part of this tank is the bottom has been modified to clear all of the stock Fatbob tank mounts and a custom mounting bracket was built to rubber mount the tank to the back bone of any shovel frame without cutting or welding anything. So if I feel the need to install a set of Fatbobs I can just unbolt this tank and bolt them up. See all bolt on! 

Bottom side view of the mucho time and fab work Jay is known for.  Give Jay a call for all you bike fabrication needs.  Bars, Tanks, Custom exhaust or anything you can sketch and show him.  He is really easy to work with and you will be pleased with the results.

Side view of the tank bolted on Project Bolt on.

In this view you can see how skinny this tank really is.  I am digging the tank with the narrowglide front end with the tall narrow bars.  West Coast Lane Spitter style.

I primed the tank to keep Jay's exceptional work from rusting in the North East humid weather.  I also added some vintage style tank badges to break up the slab sides of the Sporty tank.

The over all look is coming together I am going to leave the rear fender as is for now and concentrate on getting the motor together.  We have 74 inches of Shovelhead goodness to work on to get this thing moving under its own power.  In this photo you can see the ribbed kicker cover and long arm kick start lever.


King Creep said...

officially jealous!

Justin Sayne said...

Agreed! This is a very killer machine ya'll got going on here.