Saturday, January 14, 2012

Open up and say aaahhh!

Well i threw in the towel on the home made clutch tool, threw out another plea to borrow or rent the actual tool on chopcult and someone came to my aid. still i was unsure on how or what came apart where or when. referencing the factory manual, the write up in the last issue of the horse magazine....... and still fuckin it up the first couple times, here's my step by step saturday!

leave this fuckin thing in place!!

this is the tool that was loaned to me, im not sure what the long bolt and spare nut are for may be used as a puller or to install something but i didnt use em.

position the open side windows of the tool in front of the snap ring and thread the special nut down on the clutch adusting bolt, i didnt get any pics at this point cause my hands were filthy but heres the unit off the bike. (notice the ring trap inside the tool)

THE ANSWER TO THE QUESTION I KEPT HAVING!!! (and am ashamed to admit)

in this pic although the adjusting screw/plate is out you can see clearly what you need to do

-the red arrow points to the snap ring you need to remove to get the clutch cover off

-the green arrow shows as the book calls it the spring seat (this is the ring that is trapped inside the tool)

i couldnt understand how the hell do you compress or move the snap ring if theres something blocking it on the side and its in grooves on the outside
*simple solution once you have the diaphram spring compressed take a flat head screw driver and just push the spring seat ring back into the clutch!!!

after that was out of the way i didnt even need to use snap ring pliers, just pressed against the outside edge of the snap ring with a screwdriver and it popped right out of the outer grooves

**over all learning experience is the tool i attempted to make was to flexable across the top, if i were to remake it, it would be out of metal. that and i needed to study what the manual was saying and what the specific parts were called in the exploded view of the clutch. hopefully if your trying to take your clutch apart you come across this and it makes more sense to you.

step by step:
1- drain fluid

2- remove primary cover bolts (i go every other to try and remove pressure a little more evenly)

3- take off the clutch adj. screw cover, pull spring and lock nut (by finger) and turn bolt with flat head screwdriver till primary cover basically falls off

3- align clutch tool opening with large outer snap ring, hold the adjusting bolt through the tool with you fingers and thread specialty nut down over bolt till it holds in place against diaphram spring

4- using a small flat head screw driver hold steady the adjusting bolt and a 3/4" wrench to crank the tool down- compressing the spring

5- push the ring (green arrow) back into the clutch

6- pop out the large outer snap ring (red arrow)



Toxic Garage said...

that long bolt that came with the puller comes in the place of the clutch adjusting bolt(cab).
the cab is hold in place by a snap ring and this can take only so much stress. so to save the snap ring from possible breakage or excessive wear the long bolt is used.

King Creep said...

gotcha! that makes sense, i suppose that avoids added pressure to the bearing too, ill be replacing both either way but good to know.