Thursday, December 15, 2011

something old is new again

FUCK ive been slacking, and i even promised i wouldnt! the same job ive been doing the past 12 years has been tweaked and twisted enough to make it "interesting"

so moto related im getting back into the shop tonight in hopes of tearing into my clutch and hopefully finding an obvious problem part. once shes fixed than its on to NY winter modifications, which may include but not limited to making the fork covers i spoke of in the past, tearing it all the way down to paint the frame and tank.

party related were heading to the EDR DVD release party Sat.!!!! planning to bring my camera and take some pics of the fun shit that always ensues when the lowbrow or biltwell guys are around

fuck whats a post with out a picture- watched the change up last night and discovered this one (Olivia Wilde)

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