Friday, December 2, 2011

For that fisherman in your life- Scrimshaw Co.
a little company love, my buddy Marco started up this company with a fellow fishing partner and i gotta say even with little to no knowledge or interest in fishing i love listening to him talk about it, you can really hear the passion he has for all of it! my only story goes like this: after being a gracious host and giving me a place to crash the night of the Brooklyn Invitational 2, we awoke to some long island flea market picking and crafting of a sissybar for the ride home, right after completing that he gets a call that they're going shark fishing!!! instant ear to ear smile, said our goodbyes and i assume he went on to kill jaws! (fuckin sharks, i hate sharks!)

so check out his site at and pick up a shirt to help support small business and AMERICA!

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Scrimshaw Company said...

Check out our full website for all the latest shenanigans... Open water Open road...same good times!