Wednesday, December 21, 2011

EDR Movie Screening in Cleveland

We took a road trip to Cleveland and to see our friends at Lowbrow Customs for the DVD screening of "EDR a Mexican Motorcycle Adventure Film". Tyler, Kyle and the Lowbrow crew know how to throw a party and have a good time. Of the 100 or so people at the party only 4 of us were actually on the EDR. This is the greatest motorcycle trip that many will NOT EVER go on. But I guess that is the point.

The room was quiet when the screening began and kept the crowd interested throughout.  In the film there is crazy real life action footage, some interviews and humorous commentaries laced with some spectacular scenery and riding shots.  I believe this will be the garage chopper version of “On Any Sunday” for years to come and hopefully will spawn more of a grass roots style vibe of getting out and riding rather than just hanging out in the local bar parking lot shining the chrome and comparing Disco Christmas Lighting colors on the motor.

The travel conditions are what were expected in late December along Lake Erie.  Patchy sun mixed in with some snow.  It is a good thing we are from Western NY and are prepared with 4 wheel drive or things may have been a little more hectic. 


King Creep said...

still pissed i forgot my camera!

Matt said...

bummed I couldn't make it. i did have a buddy pick me up a copy of the dvd.