Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Walking Dead

maybe i'm late to the party on this but living without cable will do that to ya, found season 1 of this in the redbox, now i dont know that id spend 30 bucks for 6 episodes but i gotta say this show KICKS ASS! and was well worth the 3 bucks it cost me to keep it for a few days.

lets face it zombies are pretty standard practice now, we all know the rules they follow
- they walk fairly slow
- if you get bit you turn into one
- shoot them in the head
- theres no such thing as a small zombie out break, seams once it happens they wipe out the world as we know it

that being said even if you know the rules and think zombies are played out the first 6 episodes were enough to get me hooked! the special effects were above par, the acting believeable and it leaves you wanting more, they seem to have just scratched the surface on character developement, and havent touched this triumph yet (complete with SS bolts).

looks like theyll be gettin on it next season though

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