Monday, November 28, 2011

How To add a Fork Stop to Narowglide trees

We needed to add a fork stop to Project Bolt On with the new Narrow Glide trees.  I did not want replace the neck cups with afternarket cups as the races were in excellent condition and they did not want to come out with out a fight.  I purchased this stainless fork stop from V-twin mfg. and looked how it was to be installed.
I mounted the lower tree into the vice on a vertical mill. A drill press vice will work for this also.

 Next I drew up the hole pattern that was required to add the dowels to locate this stop. I did this on CAD but you can do it on paper with a straight edge and a scale.

 I Dialed over to each of the holes and spotted each position with a center drill and then drilled it with a drill that was .010 smaller than the dowel pins used to hold the position of the fok stop.

 Next we reamed the holes to size to get a nice .001 press fit on each of the pins in the holes so the stop does not shake and rattle.

 In this view you can see I tapped 3 of the 4 dowel pins into the holes with a small tack hammer.

 After all 4 of the dowels were tapped into the lower tree we layed up the fork stop on the tops of the pins and used a dead blow soft faced hammer to seat the stop plate over the dowels.

 After tapping the plate on to seat it on the lower tree.

The finished stop assembled with the neck stem and bering installed ready for assembly on the bike.

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