Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Cheap Trick TUESDAY

I've been using one of these little things for the past 4 or 5 years and it has come in handy on many a long trip, as much as you want your freedom machine to be your get away from the world having the ability to keep a gps working, cell phone or ipod charged can sometimes be instramental in getting were your going

you can pick these up at just about any car parts store this ones from NAPA part #782-1635 and sells for $7.19

throw these out

the kit comes with 2 wires one much longer than the other, both have heat shrinked ends and are pre stripped on the other

however the outer body of the unit grounds itself, so if your mounting it so a metal surface on the bike you essentially only need to run a hot wire to the middle spade terminal

as for mounting the unit comes apart in (3) pieces

i had made tank lift plates out of 1/8" flate stock for my sportster so a small hole in the middle of the strap, a small bolt and lock-nut and using the supplied bracket i was in business

one thing to consider is were your hot wire is coming from. most of your system is unenergized when the bike is off so you may want to run a direct wire from your battery or ignition switch to the unit giving you the ability to charge something with the bike off or over night.

a little trick i learned this past summer that gives you some added options is a less permanent design using alligator clips. youll need to get a matching length of wire for the ground and id suggest getting covered clips such as these

so assuming you can get to your battery terminals easy enough you have a portable/packable universal charger

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